Philly Comedic Greats – Who’s got Next? Comedian Malcolm Hill!


Comedian Malcolm Hill is the hardest working & funniest comedic host in Philly. He has worked with the likes of the super celeb Kevin Hart and funny man Michael Blackson, Hill is poised for his turn on the big stage.

by Kyle McIver

As a hot, young comic, exploring the Philly comedy scene, late nights in smoke-filled spaces like the Laff House, Punchline, Helium, and Warm Daddy’s, Malcolm killed sets on par with some of today’s greats. From disrupting classrooms at West Philly’s Overbrook H.S. with Will Smith, to going back to back with future greats, Kevin Hart and Michael “muddasucka” Blackson, Malcolm perfected his craft as a comic’s comic and a true journeyman in the game. Back then, most thought he would go to Hollywood before Hart or Blackson.

“We were all doing shows and trying to get on stage at different clubs,” he reminisced. “I remember, I’d have to go to work in the morning…But Kevin would be at every spot trying to do as many sets as possible,” he continued.  At the time “I was funnier than kevin, but the truth is he worked harder than me.” It was an early lesson learned when he saw – of all things – 2004’s “Soul Plane”. Seeing one of your own make it to a feature film is incredibly inspiring. And it ignited a fire in Hill to make his mark in entertainment.


Any true comic will tell you that it’s about paying dues and tribute to those who came before. Comedian Malcolm Hill, whose favorite comedians are Talent and Mike Epps has opened for greats such as  Corey Holcomb, Smokey, Joe Torry, Talent and even the multi-talented Tommy Davidson and comedic genius, Paul Mooney. He has also hosted the Philly Apollo and performed at  Parx Casino.  And after acting in a few independent films and being nominated for “Comedian of the year” for the Philly Hip-Hop Awards, Malcolm is ready to take the world by storm and his show worldwide. You can find Malcolm hosting Philadelphia’s #1 selling monthly comedy show “COMEDY ON THE WATERFRONT” for the past 8-years, and doing shows all over the region.  He’s even the featured host for The Largest Girls Trip At Sea, The S.I.S.T.E.R.S. Cruise!!!

So if you see him on the ticket, come out and laugh ’til you cry!!

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Comedian Malcolm Hill

A Message to Ye

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

This is the ultimate show of God’s love, that Agape Love.

As Christians we are always to lead with love.  Is it easy to do, not always?  But it must be done if we want to do as God has commanded us to do. 

God has provided us with a beautiful, powerful, guide to life – A living Word – The Holy Bible.  Even people who may not be Believers live by many of the principles in the Bible, because THE TRUTH cannot be denied. And we are told in this powerful guide to love our enemies.

So this is my Message to Ye, who identifies as a Believer.  I understand you have been hurt, lied to, offended, and robbed.  I get it, but as a believer, we are always to respond in love.  The world may think we are soft, but we know that it takes more courage to respond in love than to respond in hate.  That is one of the things that sets us apart from the world.  

What has been happening to you, is what happens when we live worldly lives……we deal with the consequences.  But when we know better, when we understand the truth and seek God, then we come into a new reality and we are to respond to these things differently. We are to forgive quickly and respond with love.

Our words are powerful, so we must be intentional how we use this power.  We are to only use this power to heal and to unify in love, never cause division or hate.

  Ye, I understand it’s been a hard life for you, but the beautiful thing is you have life.  You are here, and tomorrow is another day to get it right.  It’s time to use your platform to teach the world how to forgive when you have been beaten down and raped.  When you believe that your mother has been sacrificed and you have suffered offenses from the people close to you.  It’s time to be humble, it’s time to use your voice to unify in love, Not to use it to hate or cause division.  Your platform is huge, starting today, let’s start to use your platform to heal the world.

This is the legacy that your mother wants you to leave.  The time is now; kill your ego, it’s time to lead with love, agape love.  If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for your babies.  Do it for the people who follow you, you owe it to them as they have been praying for you.

I love you Ye & God loves you more.  It’s time to get it right.  Spread love, forgive, and denounce hate and division.

We are all one under God.


Dr. Roberta Hoskie Speaks about 1000 Black Families, Women Empowerment, Millionaire Mindset Sisterhood, Malik Yoba and the Rise of the Millionaire Mindset Brotherhood on ATL Podcast


Click here to Read Dr. Roberta’s Memoir POVERTY CURSE BROKEN – THE ROBERTA HOSKIE STORY!






At the New Haven, CT private screening of Malik Yoba’s Real Estate docuseries  I BUILD NY – THE REAL ESTATE MIX TAPE  Mr. Yoba, in an impromptu move, initiated the birth of the MR. MILLIONAIRE MINDSET BROTHERHOOD!

Real Estate Mogul and founder of the MS. MILLIONAIRE MINDSET SISTERHOOD, Dr. Roberta Hoskie is featured in the docuseries.

During the Q & A held after the viewing, A woman stood up in tears and stated how empowering the MS. MILLIONAIRE MINDSET SISTERHOOD movement was, but wanted to know What was going to be done for the young men of New Haven, CT? Dr. Roberta responded that there have been conversations about starting a Brotherhood chapter and it was something that would happen in the future…….. Malik Yoba chimed in stating “I’m getting a download”, then asked all the men in the audience to stand up, and invited them on the stage.  Take a look at the video below to see what happened next: trust me it was a magical, powerful, moment and very much needed today when many of our black youth are in desperate need of mentorship and options.   

Malik Yoba is a world Renown Actor who 1st came on the scene with NY Under Cover and has been in countless movies such as Tyler Perry’s “Why did I get Married” I & II, and classic ’90s film “Cool Runnings,”.

He now has a new docuseries, I BUILD NY – THE REAL ESTATE MIX TAPE which he filmed with the Intent to bring about awareness and illumination to the power of Real Estate and how it can close the wealth gap and create generational wealth.

Be sure to follow our brother Malik on IG @malikyoba & @ibuild-ny

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Jimmy Sol is a recording artist, Founder of Cause51 – an artist crowdfunding platform,  Minister and Prayer Leader of the BreakThru Online Community!! Click here to listen to music by Jimmy Sol and to connect with the Breakthru Online Community: The BreakThru

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Click here to Read Dr. Roberta’s Memoir POVERTY CURSE BROKEN – THE ROBERTA HOSKIE STORY!



Fundraiser: A safe home for Robert!


I go by the name of ShineLite, and every day ( well, almost every day; we took a week off at the beginning of the year 😉 ) since June 1, 2021, I’ve hosted the Breakthru Morning Prayer Line; the call started as Pray4Philly as it was created in response to the rise of Gun violence in the City of Philadelphia last year. The call was only supposed to last for 93 days, and in that 93 days, the number of homicides committed by guns did go down, it did not stop, but the numbers did go down. However, in that 93 days, there was a real family created on this line. I was shocked to see how many people showed up every single day and to learn how much people were dealing with on a daily basis. At the end of the 93 days, people gave several testimonies about how the line could not stop because it was helping them and how some people even had Breakthroughs since they were coming to the line every day. I Know firsthand, what they meant because my journey with God has become closer since I started the line, it has been eye-opening and nothing short of amazing, I stand in gratitude for God putting it on my heart to start this line; I believe it has truly saved my life. But I digress, because so many people were having breakthroughs on the line, we decided to change the name to THEBREAKTHRU! Today we come on every day at 8 am EST, no days off. Anyone can join simply by calling 518-318-5830. To stay connected 24 hours, seven days a week, we have created a virtual community on thebreakthruonline.com. Listen, The devil is working overtime, and so are our prayers!!! The line is public and open to everyone worldwide, and I do mean everyone!!! We are living in some crazy times, we all need comfort, support, encouragement, and most importantly, we all need God!!! And what we have learned, on THEBREAKTHU MORNING PRAYER CALL since June 1, 2021, that there is truly power in PRAYING TOGETHER, IN AGREEMENT, IN UNITY, as ONE!  


I said all that to give some background on the Breakthru call and, of course, to invite you to join us ;-).

 So on Tuesday, March 15, a regular caller who goes by the name of NE NE came to the call to pray for her client who was stabbed in Philly at his place of work that is near to his home. Her client is legally blind and has an intellectual disability. She expressed her frustration about how the case was being handled and feared for her client’s safety because it was advised to her by the police that he not go back home because it may not be safe for her client. At the time of the call, her client was staying with her and her family. 

Robert, who is her client, is able to pay a monthly rent; however, he does not have enough money to put down on a new place, a safer place. That is why we are here. I know times are hard for all of us, so I thought I would start this fundraiser to give everyone an opportunity to do as sister NE NE is doing and give the gift of love simply by giving a little, that I know will add up to a lot, at least enough to cover the down payment for a new and safer home for Robert. He only needs $1300.00; he already has 1/3rd of the down payment. Honestly, I’m hoping to raise more, so that we can also bless sister NE NE for her caring a loving heart. I mean, how many people will open their homes up as she did, it will be a blessing to reward her as well.

I’ve added the recording of that call below so that you can hear what I heard that led me here to create this fundraiser.  

After the prayer, we open up the line to allow callers to share; we call it the sharing/healing circle; we learned from one of our original prayer leaders Dr. Fatima Hafiz of theteagroup.org, that when we reveal, we heal. So at the end of every call, we open up the line to allow the callers that want to, to share. Sometimes I call on them, as I did in this call, and that is how we learned of Robert and his need for a safe home.


Dr. Roberta Hoskie, author of ‘Poverty curse broken – The Roberta Hoskie Story,’ has agreed to give 50% of all profits made on her book between 3/17/22 to 3/31/22 to Robert. The book costs $20.00 and there is a $3.00 shipping fee. Click the link below to purchase the book now!! After buying the book, please forward your receipt to thebreeakthru.love@gmail.com for proof of purchase.


And what would a fundraiser be without a gofundme account!!! Click the link below to give via go fund me. Our goal is to raise a minimum of $1300.00 before the end of the month. Be sure to join us on the Breakthru on the 3-31-22 to celebrate raising enough money for Robert to pay his down payment, I am confident we will have enough money by that time. How can I be so sure, because I’ve already prayed about it!!!  


Please share this fundraiser with everyone you know, with all of your email contacts and on all of your social media sites!!! No amount is too small; that is the power of unity!!! Thank you in advance for giving, God Bless!!!!

P.S: Be sure to join us every morning at 8am!!!

 Start your morning in fellowship with God & Family!! 

Dial DIAL: 518-318-5830 

Everyday at 8am Est

If you have problems dialing the main number, follow the directions below:

1. Dial backup number 206-451-60 72

2. You will now be prompted to dial 518-318-5830

Also join us online at Thebreakthruonline.com

Random thoughts after watching JEEN-YUHS on NETFLIX

@Kanyewest mom Donda was truly an angel and a light, it’s clear that when she passed the world went dark for Kanye and he has been trying to navigate that darkness ever since.  When he started doing gospel I believe that he was trying to get back to the light.

@Kanyewest, please keep your eyes on Jesus Christ, he is truly our only salvation.  Mark 8 3:6 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

I believe that Donda is thanking  Coodie Simmons right now.  She knew his heart, and love for God, and that is the type of people she wanted around her son to protect him and keep him grounded. I believe that Coodie Simmons has just saved @Kanyewest life with this movie.  That’s how God uses our gifts. Thank you Coodie, this film is a light in the midst of all of Kanye’s darkness.  An angel in heaven is trying to reach you @Kanyewest, listen.

@Kanyewest says he is not a slave, but that’s not true, because it is clear that he is a slave to his ego.

I did not see Dame Dash Curse anyone out in this film, I thought he actually showed real brotherly love to @Kanyewest.

I love how the community love of Chi-town is featured all over this film.  The world would have you believe that the Chi is only about black-on-black murder, but clearly, it is not. Thanks, Coodie for allowing us to see the Chi from your lens.

@mostdef, @Pharrell, and @Jamiefox are really beautiful kind spirits. They truly are their brother’s keepers.

@Kanyewest God loves you and so do we. Get back the light, and be the beautiful man/leader your mom raised you to be. We are here waiting, ready to cheer you on.

Everyone should watch this movie, there is a lesson in it for all of us. Thank you, Coodie Simmons and Chike Ozah. And thank you @Kanyewest for allowing your journey to be televised. Like your mom, you are a teacher. And like your mom, we know the love you have for your people. And like family who may not always get along, we were always rooting for you…..get back to that place @Kanyewest!! We love you.


Join the new online community for believers thebreakthruonline.com



July 8, 2021

Pennsylvania, July 8, 2021 /ParadigmShft.blog/——-It has been announced that The Prince of Philly, Comedian Malcolm Hill, will perform at THE MET PHILLY for the Laugh Out Loud Sundays Comedy Show!

 The Pandemic was hard for everyone, especially, comedians who make their living doing live shows in front of hundreds of people. Prior to the world shutting down Comedian Malcolm Hill’s career was on the rise,   Known as the hardest working & funniest comedic host in Philly, he was poised for his turn on the big stage following in the footsteps of Philly Comedian Heavy weights like Kevin Hart & Michael Blackson!

The Prince of Philly is not called the hardest working comedic host in Philly for nothing, When many people lost their jobs and the world shut down, Comedian Malcolm Hill created two Live Online shows ‘ The Hill-Arious Show & The Conversation!!!

The Hill-Arious show is co-hosted by Philly native Nate and produced by Ron G. The show airs every Thursday at 7 pm EST. on FB Live @MalcolmHill. The Hill-Arious show not only gave Comedian Malcolm Hill a platform to keep in touch with his audience during the shutdown, but it also gave his fellow comedians  nationwide  a platform and voice to share how they were making out during the Covid-19 crisis. Whereas ‘The Hill-Arious Show’ gives a voice to comedians. The ‘The Conversation,’ which airs on Instagram Live Tuesdays at 7 pm EST, co-hosted by ParadigmShift’s in-house journalist, Kyle Mciver – gives a voice to the people. The show tackles personal and trending topics that affect everyone. The audience is encouraged to join in and be a part of the discussions in real-time.

Well the world is starting to open up again and Comedian Malcolm Hill is now being rewarded for all of his hard work. He has been booked and busy doing shows alongside Comedian Veterans like Bill Bellamy and Tony Roberts.

On July 25th Philly’s favorite Comedic host, Comedian Malcolm Hill,  will  be a part of the LAFF OUT LOUD SUNDAY’S at the MET Philly super star line up!! He will grace the stage alongside Comedic Superstars Affion Crockett, Carl Payne, and Capone!!! Affion Crockett is an American actor, writer, dancer and comedian. Affion has appeared in HBO Def Comedy Jam, Wild’n Out, Blackish, a Haunted House with Marlon Wayans and the Wedding Ringer with Kevin Hart. Capone, one of the New York Kings of Comedy, has performed with comedy greats, including Mike Epps, Tracey Morgan and Talent.  And we all know and love Carl Payne best known as Cole Brown on the sitcom” Martin”, and Cockroach on the “Cosby Show”. 

 Sunday July 25th don’t miss the rise another Philly Comedic Super Star, The Prince of Philly – Comedian Malcolm Hill!! This show will sell out, Get your tickets today!!!

LAFF OUT LOUD SUNDAY’S at the MET is brought to you by The Heavy Hittas of Comedy. Visit them online at heavyhittasofcomedy.com! It is worth noting that their last 2 shows sold out at the MET Philly!!


Media contact:
Jacqueline Hoskie

Meet Tamika Nicole Ryant, DA POET – Philly Style!!

Tamika Ryant is a slam poet/spoken word artist, turned author who lives in the heart of South Philly. She began her career at the legendary Laff House – Philly, opening up for Comedians greats like  Buck Wild, Spank, and Turae. She has also opened up for the ultra-talented, super funny B-Phlat!   Tamika spits from the heart, she reveals the rawness found in unapologetic emotion, the beauty in self-reflection and the true, transmutable energy of unfiltered expression. Her poems will engage, encourage and possibly even motivate your audience to agree out loud!!

Tamika has recently partnered with the Pray4Philly initiative that launches June 1st, 2021. The goal of the Pray4Philly initiative is to bring the community together in unification to work towards decreasing gun violence in the city of Philadelphia! Tamika will use her lyrical talents to speak the passion of the people as it relates to their pain, hurt, and need for healing – for hope.

Ms. Ryant has recently authored her first poetry book entitled, Poetry about Life, Love, & Other Shit. Her first-ever poetry book is a down-to-earth, personal journey through life’s pain and pleasures in a tell-it-like-it-is voice. The book transports readers on a journey through a range of emotions and is divided into three specific chapters: Love, Life and Other Shit, each with the ability to touch, amuse and entertain on various topics. Inside you will find something for everyone.

You heard it here first Beloveds, Tamika Ryant, like the Philly talents before her is destined for greatness. Click here to purchase her book, and experience her for yourself: Poetry About Life Love & Other Shit.

For bookings text Shine Lite at 215-260-9667.