Jsais: To those of you who are wondering why I’m going black girl AIDs crazy, let me start off by saying this; No I’m not HIV positive, and no I do not have the monster! Yes a sista does get it in, but because I’m single, I trust no one, condoms are must. I am happy to say that I’ve not had to insist that my partner wear a condom; because that’s the first thing he reaches for. Guess he doesn’t trust me either, and he shouldn’t. Trust no one when it comes to your life, no one! Anyway, I was scared to death after reading about the growing number of black women with HIV, the numbers are alarming. I realized the conversation has to be had!!
In an attempt to bring awareness and change in our community regarding this epidemic, I’ve decided to make as many people aware about this problem as I can. I hope it scares the hell out of you. Scare you enough to protect yourself, to get tested, and to insist that your partners do the same. No more pity parties, no more woe is me… time to take responsibility for our actions, time to make conscious decisions when it comes to our sex life. …When its’ all said and done, we will when this fight!!


Published by ShineLite


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