Diddy Closes A Blockbuster Deal With Time Warner Cable (EXCLUSIVE)

Diddy told you he won’t stop.

He already took over the music industry and now he is set to take over your television with what is being called the biggest network launch in cable history.

Diddy just closed a deal with Time Warner Cable that is sure to make his Revolt TV the number one channel for music.

“This is a landmark distribution deal that demonstrates Time Warner Cable’s commitment to bringing a platform for music artists and fans to their subscribers,” stated Revolt TV Founder and Chairman Sean Combs. “It positions Revolt to come out of the gate strong, and we look forward to igniting the passion of initial audiences across the U.S.”

REVOLT will be a platform for new and emerging artists that have something to say. We will embrace real music, real artist without all the politics,” Sean Combs explained.

JSAIS: Wow, the revolution of music will be televised. TAKE THAT, TAKE THAT, TAKE THAT!!

Isn’t this the real dream of having money and fame, to be able to have the power to do what you want, on your own terms. To give back. I’m SUPER Proud of the man/mogul Diddy has become. I stand in awe of the evolution of hip hop’S elite.

Be encouraged by there journey and in the words of Puff Daddy, ” Don’t talk about, be about it.”

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One thought on “#REVOLT

  1. If he if able to keep the politics out of it like he says it will be a good look for upcoming artists and hopefully bring more diversity to the radio / TV music scene. But if it ends up being some “Makin’ The Band” bulls*** then I’m not interested.

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