Does Chief Keef work for the KKK?

According to an article posted by “The Source”, Chief Keef claims that his mixtape “Bang 3” will raise the murder rate! Wow, my question is, does this brother work for the KKK? My question to Interscope, what is your agenda? All money is not good money, infact money made off of keef, in my opinion, is blood money.

One quick way to destroy a society is through its music.”……….Vladimir Lenin

Music is one of the most powerful mediums in the world and one of the most influential influences of our youth. Interscope records has given this powerful platform to Chief Keef,
a rapper, who promises that his ‘mixtape “Bang 3”, is going to “raise the murder rate up”. Chief Keef is a native of Chicago, and as stated in The Source article in the past three years, more people have died in Chicago than this country’s soldiers in the war in Afghanistan!We have to take a stand now! If Interscope records continues to support and promote this artist and his message or murder and gun violence, then it’s time for us to stop supporting Interscope records!

I understand that everyone has their right to free speech, but how much is free speech costing our impressionable youth?

jsais: I understand that Keef is a product of his environment, he is only doing what he knows to do. I would like to see this brother get the love, guidance, and education that he needs, that I’m sure he craves. After all he is really only a kid, and when we know better, we do better. But in the mean time we can’t allow his message of murder and gun violence to influence our youth, it has to be stopped! I have started a petition to try and do just that. Please click on the link below, join the movement to stop Chief keef. Please read, sign and share. Together our voices will be heard and we will make a change!

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