Steve Harvey has a lot to say about Mimi and her sex tape, but what about Stevie J and Rikko!

DISCLAIMER: I hate that Mi Mi and Rikko decided to put their personal business in the street for money, it shows that they both are caught up & lost in the devil’s game. If money is your god, then you will do anything for it, and this tape is proof. We have to stop selling our soul for the almighty dollar………we are better than that, and it puts scars that are hard to heal on our spirit, souls, and reputation. I don’t agree with it, but I get it, I understand; however, it’s not my place to judge, not my cross to bear. They are two consenting adults. And hey, people are buying the tape and the public is paying attention and talking. But my heart truly goes out to Mi Mi, she is a wounded sister and men continue to play with her mind and tap dance on her heart.
Steve Harvey Bashes Mi Mi for sex tape
Jsais: Ok, everyone has something to say about Mimi and her sex tape. No one has anything to say about Stevie J or the man who is throwing the D in the tape! A lot of people throwing shade on Mi Mi, but I hurt for Mi Mi, because I get it. Anyone who has been following Love & Hip Hop ATL. understands that this sister has had her heart and mind played with by a man who she has given everything to, sacrificed everything for, and had his child. And after putting in the years, having his back when he was down, and again, having his child……What does Stevie J do in return, he rips her heart out on national T.V., laughs at it, then throw it away for a stripper that he has only known for about a year. He has the audacity to even allow Jocelyne to disrespect her on national T.V. without checking her properly, then to throw salt on an open wound, he marries her!!! The jump off!!(lets face it, hoes are winning) Mi Mi has come off on the show to be weak, because she has allowed herself to be played time and time again by Stevie J. But come on what woman has not been in this situation. I feel that Stevie J played with her because he knew she was weak, and he took advantage of it. Period. And Rikko is doing the same thing, he is taking advantage of this sister because he knows her weaknesses (which is not sex, but the yearning for love and belonging to a relationship, to a man.) He understands that her kryptonite is being alone, and he is playing his hand accordingly to benefit himself. Hell, he said he was an opportunists on the season 2 reunion.
So Steve Harvey if you want to jump down somebody’s throat, get with these men who have chosen to use their power and influence in this woman’s life for their enjoyment, ego massaging, and advancement in their careers. Steve Harvey we need better men, where is your book to the brothers? You tell us how to handle these dudes, well how about you teach them how to be better men, responsible men, disciplined men. Let them know how powerful their actions are on their women/community/society. Let them know that when a woman loves them that everything they do leaves an impression on her, and remember these are the women that will be raising their most precious jewels, their children. People like to say that “black women are strong”. Not true, many of us are weak, but we become strong because we have to, because most of us don’t have anyone to be strong for us.
Mi Mi does not need our ass to kiss, she needs a genuine sincere hug and a good cry. I actually think this is great for her, because when you have hit rock bottom spiritually and emotionally you have no other choice other than to look In the mirror, make those hard choices, and pick yourself up. I see Iyana Vanzant In her future.
To the brothers out there, we need you! I feel that a lot or our communities are weakened because a lot, not all, of our men have been weakened. We need you to be men! This is a great example of how powerful you are, I feel that Mi Mi’s actions are a direct result of her being wounded by Stevie J and manipulated by Rikko, Mi Mi is just one of many women like this….and these are the women who are raising your sons and daughters…………………We need you, Our community needs you, society needs you, ..STEP UP!
Steve Harvey Bashes Mi Mi for sex tape

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5 thoughts on “Steve Harvey has a lot to say about Mimi and her sex tape, but what about Stevie J and Rikko!

  1. Anyway, I saw the video and let’s just say,,,,,,,,,,,,well, it was clearly Nikko’s idea.

    1. It’s not a male or female issue. It’s an adult issue where people need to stop acting like kids. And get there minds ,and spirits in order. Your sex life is private . Unless you’re in the porno industry. But more importantly. Respect yourself for your child. Be at peace with yourself. Stop trying to impress the Jones’s that don’t have a bearing on your life anyway. Why would you degrade yourself to hurt someone that clearly is walking in the other direction. Get a grip. Men and women. As far as Mr. Harvey both of those consenting adults need to act their ages . And stop looking for a five minute fame walk.Shalam!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. You are absolutely correct Mr. Woo. I agree. Unfortunately money trumps morals and common sense. And we the viewer’s are to blame as well, I mean who was talking about mi mi before this tape came out, just saying.

  2. “At the end of the day” You are responsible for you. “He made me do it” isn’t an acceptable answer. People get hurt everyday by other people. Sometime you need to step back and breathe. This isn’t her first rodeo.

    1. This is very true, all I’m asking is, why is Steve only getting at the sister? Why are men always getting a free pass, because they are men?

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