Solange reacts with aggression after Jay Z grabs her arm.

A lot of people are quick to attack Solange, calling her crazy and irrational because of the recently leaked video, showing Jay Z getting apparently a well-deserved ass whooping. If everyone takes the time to really look at the video, it’s clear that Jaz Z grabbed Solange first and she simply snapped. I’m sure alcohol is a factor, but who among us has not in a moment of anger snapped out on someone we loved, deservingly at some point in our lives. I love this video it just shows that the rich and famous have family problems like everyone else. I predict that Solange will have a boost in her career because of this video, regardless of how a lot of media outlets are reacting to the super stars little sitter, real women know better………No one reacts like that without have a damn good reason…….not at that type of event……….I’m just saying. I love Beyoncé, and I have to say, she is a better actress than I thought, lol


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One thought on “Solange reacts with aggression after Jay Z grabs her arm.

  1. She spit on him, that means a lot, bey just kinda stood there, she knew she was on camera and solange didn’t even care, I think she was fighting bey battle, probably saying, that he was fake when he proposed, because he’s been cheating, that’s what little sisters do. Go Solange

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