The Best BET Honors Ever!

Dame Dash Presents the BET  Visionary Award to Kanye West, accompanied by his beautiful daughter.
Dame Dash Presents the BET Visionary Award to Kanye West, accompanied by his beautiful daughter.


Jsais: I absolutely love the fact that Kanye asked Dame Dash to present him with the BET Visionary Award, and that Dame accepted. DOPE! This is what happens when hip hop grows up, when boys become men. This is what happens when people take inventory of their lives and recognize that regardless of the personal BS, that when someone has played a pivotal role in your life, in your success, that they should be recognized, celebrated, and given homage! And might I add, A CHECK!…………….I mean is Dame missing a tooth? Come on Kanye!

I have always thought Dame was done dirty. I understand that he had personal issues with his camp, but regardless of the personal, he has played a vital role in Jay Z and Kanye’s success. Would they be where they are today, if it wasn’t for him? I don’t think so. The history they shared with Dame added to their story, to their legacy, made them who they are today, period. If Jay Z can bury the hatchet with Nas, then surely he can do the same with Dame. Again……………….Is Dame missing a tooth………..somebody write that man a check!

In conclusion I think that the BET Honors was one of the best I’ve seen in years, not necessarily because of Kanye, but because of Dame! What can I say, I love the hustle and I’m always rooting for the underdog!……………………….I can’t believe Dame is missing a tooth!

Jsais:  And one more thing, is it me?….It sounds like Kaye wanted to get approval from  Farrakhan for marrying Kim?  And he was letting BET and black people know that Farrakhan said I’m good, so it’s okay, plus Kim’s dad got Ojay off, so she gets a pass.  bla bla bla,     I think he battles with this, but he shouldn’t.  As long as he is happy  who cares  what other people think.   That is the problem with a lot of us,  we are scared to live by our own blueprint in life, to live our own truth.  We have to seek the approval of others….but that is not the formula  for a happy life…..just saying.


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