Roberta Hoskie’s Millionaire Mind$et Women’s Seminar, TIME TO BREAK THE POVERTY CURSE.. Becomes a Movement!!


Millionaire Mind$et  Women’s Seminar, TIME TO BREAK THE POVERTY CURSE!

March 28th, 2015

New Haven, Connecticut

Guest Speakers:  New Haven Mayor, Toni Harp; and Karen Du Bois-Walton, Executive Director at New Haven Housing Authority

Host: Roberta Hoskie AKA Ms. MillionaireMindset, President & CEO, Outreach Realty Services

March 28th’s sold out Millionaire Mind$et Seminar marked the beginning of what Roberta Hoskie anticipates will be a movement towards economic empowerment for many families looking to create wealth and independence for future generations. The recent 2015 Connecticut African American Affairs Commission’s Business and Economic Development awardee was proud to share her experiences and lessons learned with a capacity crowd in New Haven. Her goal was to inspire attendees to work to achieve the attainable with her own story of overcoming humble beginnings and systematic barriers to achieve success in real estate. Her message is simple. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

On that cold day in late March, social media exploded with anticipation prior to the event, and accolades after it was over. One attendee posted: “Digging deep to brave the cold, rain and sleet to be there. (Did I mention how much I hate the cold #ijs) Okay Roberta Hoskie I’m ready. Lets Go!” Another attendee was inspired to attend the event after seeing a local news segment and said: “…Her story inspired me. So today she is hosting this million dollar mindset event and I look forward to learning more from her and those who are speaking at the event such as the Mayor of New Haven, Ms. Toni Harpe.”

Afterwards, reactions to the event and praise by those in attendance were all over on social media with one attendee saying: “The women’s Millionaire Mind$et seminar was GREAT!! JUST awesome!!! Roberta Hoskie definitely inspiring, empowering and encouraging!!!” Another wrote: “Feeling INSPIRED, MOTIVATED!!! #MILLIONAIREMINDSET. THANK YOU Roberta Hoskie!!”

Roberta Hoskie extended words of appreciation for her speakers, and guests for taking time from their busy schedules to be a part of this event:

Special thanks you to Powerhouse Karen Du Bois-Walton for speaking at the Millionaire Mind$et Seminar, yesterday! Thank you so much for sharing your personal stories to empower us. You were so influential that women were looking at Insurance policies and financial planning immediately after the Seminar! New Haven is blessed to have you!! Love you much!!

A special thank you to our Fabulous powerful Mayor Toni Harp for speaking at the Millionaire Mind$et Seminar, yesterday! She spoke about Thought Being Things, The Power of Group Economics, The Power of Keeping Our Money in the Community and of course the Power of the Women! Love you Mayor Harp! Thanks for being such an inspiration!

“And a VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to ALL the phenomenal women who attended my SOLD OUT Millionaire Mind$et Seminar!!!! This  Seminar was so powerful that, many women were in TEARS! Ladies The Time is Now to Break the Poverty Curse!! We already have everything we need, we just need to Keep our Mind Right and know that if God gave you the vision he will make Provision!! Stay Tuned for Millionaire Mind$et Part 2 coming soon!!”

Stay tuned for more information on events such as the April 11th Ms. Millionaire Mindset Webinar. Allow Ms. MillionaireMindset  to show you what she did to overcome the very same obstacles many of us face and how you can marry your passion to your purpose and LIVE THE LIFE YOU DESERVE!




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  1. I want to sign up for the seminar but I’m not able to get through can u please help me to register for the event thank you

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