The New Attorney General Loretta Lynch pledged Tuesday to improve the city’s police department


BALTIMORE (AP) —  Attorney General Loretta Lynch pledged Tuesday to improve the city’s police department after meeting with the family of a man who was fatally injured in police custody.

“We’re here to hold your hands and provide support,” Lynch said in a meeting with faith and community leaders, including members of Congress.

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One thought on “The New Attorney General Loretta Lynch pledged Tuesday to improve the city’s police department

  1. If you want justice, send a woman to do the job! Women by nature are more compassionate and empathetic in these situations. Not deterred by the “politics”. A human is dead by the hands of the very organization created to protect us. Excuse me, was tortured and killed by the very organization that was created to protect us. When do the police have the right to prosecute and sentence a man to death? We all have the right to a trial. We are all “innocent until proven guilty”. And in this case the punishment did not fit the crime.
    James Holmes walked into a crowded theatre, he killed 12 people, and wounded 48. He was arrested, read his rights, and given a trial. How is it that he wasn’t mistakenly killed by police and he had a weapon? People were killed, lives were endangered, yet he was not “mistakenly shot” by the cops…….humm.
    There are cop killers behind bars who have been given the courtesy of a trial by jury. Yet young black men are being killed in cold blood in the streets……. Hum. Something is wrong here.
    I’m grateful for IPhones and social media, because make no mistake about it, this has been going on. But because of modern technology, these heinous crimes are now being exposed on prime time. If that young man did not have the “balls” to record the police shooting a man in the back. That officer would have turned in his report and been back to business as usual. But what goes on in the dark always come to light.

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