Philly Comedic Greats – Who’s got Next? Comedian Malcolm Hill!


Comedian Malcolm Hill is the hardest working & funniest comedic host in Philly. He has worked with the likes of the super celeb Kevin Hart and funny man Michael Blackson, Hill is poised for his turn on the big stage.

by Kyle McIver

As a hot, young comic, exploring the Philly comedy scene, late nights in smoke-filled spaces like the Laff House, Punchline, Helium, and Warm Daddy’s, Malcolm killed sets on par with some of today’s greats. From disrupting classrooms at West Philly’s Overbrook H.S. with Will Smith, to going back to back with future greats, Kevin Hart and Michael “muddasucka” Blackson, Malcolm perfected his craft as a comic’s comic and a true journeyman in the game. Back then, most thought he would go to Hollywood before Hart or Blackson.

“We were all doing shows and trying to get on stage at different clubs,” he reminisced. “I remember, I’d have to go to work in the morning…But Kevin would be at every spot trying to do as many sets as possible,” he continued.  At the time “I was funnier than kevin, but the truth is he worked harder than me.” It was an early lesson learned when he saw – of all things – 2004’s “Soul Plane”. Seeing one of your own make it to a feature film is incredibly inspiring. And it ignited a fire in Hill to make his mark in entertainment.


Any true comic will tell you that it’s about paying dues and tribute to those who came before. Comedian Malcolm Hill, whose favorite comedians are Talent and Mike Epps has opened for greats such as  Corey Holcomb, Smokey, Joe Torry, Talent and even the multi-talented Tommy Davidson and comedic genius, Paul Mooney. He has also hosted the Philly Apollo and performed at  Parx Casino.  And after acting in a few independent films and being nominated for “Comedian of the year” for the Philly Hip-Hop Awards, Malcolm is ready to take the world by storm and his show worldwide. You can find Malcolm hosting Philadelphia’s #1 selling monthly comedy show “COMEDY ON THE WATERFRONT” for the past 8-years, and doing shows all over the region.  He’s even the featured host for The Largest Girls Trip At Sea, The S.I.S.T.E.R.S. Cruise!!!

So if you see him on the ticket, come out and laugh ’til you cry!!

Follow Comedian Malcolm Hill on FB, IG, & Twitter @ComedianMalcolmHill

Comedian Malcolm Hill

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