Breaking Curses, Creating Blessings

By Kyle McIver

Extraordinary!!! I loved the transparency and the endurance that it took to overcome every obstacle to achieve her overall purpose. I will forever use this manuscript to remind me that I can be all that I am destined to be no matter what comes my way. Thank you Dr. Roberta Hoskie for your life.”

-Sharon McClain

The reviews are in and it’s official: Poverty Curse Broken – The Roberta Hoskie Story is a huge success!!!

In this riveting memoir, Roberta wants the reader to understand that “Nothing is Impossible.” It is her mantra and  way of thinking that she wants those reading her book, Poverty Curse Broken: The Roberta Hoskie Story, to adopt and apply to their lives.

Beginning Tuesday 6/23, continuing Thursday 6/25, and concluding Saturday 6/27 Dr. Roberta will lead an intimate discussion speaking about her POWERFUL life story, her life’s work and first publication hailed as “a powerful and life changing read.”

It is Roberta’s mission to use this free online event to empower listeners with the knowledge & tools needed to break the “Poverty Curse”.

“If my story can help inspire and have someone believe IT is possible, whatever IT is, then, to me, that’s fulfilling,” she explained in a recent interview about her book. Dr. Hoskie’s revelatory first publication seeks to show readers how anyone can rise above circumstance to achieve greatness.

Mission accomplished!! The reviews are in and readers have expressed how powerful and life-changing Roberta’s story has been in their lives. The book has truly proven to be a game changer.

Known worldwide as “Ms. Millionaire Mind$et”, Roberta is a real estate investor, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and community activist. Her many accolades and accomplishments include numerous awards from hometown organizations such as New Haven, Connecticut’s Chamber of Commerce, African American Affairs Commission, the New Haven Register and many others. She has also been the subject of numerous news segments both locally, nationally, and even internationally. Dr.. Roberta has also hosted radio programs to teach others how to break what she’s dubbed the “Poverty Curse” and the mindset that holds too many from reaching their full potential. It isn‘t a struggle she studied in in Sociology 101, but lived like millions of others. 

Poverty Curse Broken, details Dr. Hoskie’s journey from bullets whizzing through her project window while her son slept, to working up to a 6-figure salary, to becoming independently wealthy through real estate investment. 

In ‘Poverty Curse Broken’ Roberta recalls standing in church, holding her son in the prayer line her mother encouraged her to jump in, and remembers the pastor pointing to her young son saying: “Look at your son. His life is directly linked to yours…directly linked to what you do.” He laid hands on her and she passed out. That was one of several turning points in her life discussed in the deeply personal memoir.

It was enough to make this single mother on welfare who dropped out of high school ask: ‘What is MY life?’” She looked at her condition and recognized she was surrounded by generational poverty and questioned what his future would be.  She thought about the statistics surrounding black men, her son’s father’s drug dealing, being a high school dropout, and having 22 family members in the same housing projects. ”What do I have to offer this kid?” Hoskie asked herself.

She changed her mindset to think about what future she wanted for her son & family. “It’s a matter of believing that it’s possible. The minute you believe it’s possible and don’t give yourself a Plan B, then only A can happen. My plan A was that my son will not have generational poverty, be a drug dealer, or be lost to these streets,” she explained. Hoskie focused her energies and worked hard to break the curse of poverty and the mindset that enabled it. The road ahead wasn’t going to be easy; but for Hoskie, the road behind lead nowhere.

Exposing her traumas and her impoverished beginnings was as deeply personal as it gets. Talking about physical and sexual abuse, being poor, uneducated, and a teen mother & dropout wasn’t easy. Her tears stained the pages of her notes recalling the many struggles she had experienced in her young life. But while she was the subject of numerous stories in print, television, radio, and podcasts, she felt HER story had yet to really be told. So five years ago she began writing companion journal entries to accompany her 21-day Ms. Millionaire Mind$et cards. Initially avoiding the prospect of sharing the deeply personal pain of her experiences, she found she couldn’t help but interject her own life experiences.

At times the writing process stagnated – even for a woman who teaches others that procrastination is the enemy of progress. “I was beating myself up for procrastination,” she recalled, “My son said: ‘Mom, maybe the part that you need in the book hasn’t happened, yet…” Then Hoskie’s Facebook Live post, meant to show that there are good, honest people, went viral. She’d lost a $10,000 check getting out of her car. A man named Elmer Alvarez found the check and called her office to return it. What Hoskie didn’t know was that Alvarez was homeless. Posting the meeting on Facebook took a local story international and would change both of their lives.  And despite this chance happening, Roberta does not actually believe in chance or coincidence in favor of divine intervention – that things happen when they happen for a reason. Submitting to a higher power and putting oneself in position for those blessings is key.

Helping the homeless Good Samaritan, Alvarez was relatively easy for Roberta. Elmer Alvarez now has a home, car, attends church regularly, and is on a path to becoming a pastor. However, it showed her the potential to change someone else’s life in a really substantial way. And with that, became the thing that her book needed. She went back through her emotional journey of drudging up the past, as painful as it was, Hoskie knew it would help someone.

Newly inspired, she returned to writing – sometimes typing on tear-stained keys. But her desire to share her story took over despite the pain of digging up the past, and potentially angering family members.  “I can’t be selfish…That’s why I was very transparent. There are plenty of people that have been in abusive situations, and couldn’t come out, or let the past haunt them…The things I put out there are the things your momma tells you never to discuss in public,” Hoskie explained, referring to a chapter in the book called “Shush, Don’t Tell Nobody.”

Yes, it gets that real.

And while some may look at this book as the culmination of the journey, Dr. Hoskie sees much more down the road and a part of a larger process to help people become the best versions of themselves – finding their own personal success and freedom from the curse gripping millions around the country and world.

Register online to see what CNN, ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC and others are calling “an amazing story of how perseverance, bravery, resiliency, and faith in God can take you beyond places you dreamed.”

Online Event admission is free. But space is limited.  Dates: Tuesday, June 23, 2020, Thurs. June 25, & Sat. June 26 7:00 PM- 8:30 PM est Time: 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EST

For more information & to sign up:

 To order a copy of the book, visit:

Here’s what readers have said about Dr. Hoskie’s inspiring memoir:

Powerful read that will leave you inspired and hopeful. This book is very real, honest and relatable. As I read this book I was able to relate to many of Roberta’s life experiences as my own experiences…Reading her life story gave me hope that if she can break the poverty curse so can I. And so can everyone else who reads this book. It is possible.”


A must read!  The book is amazing, a blueprint for breaking the curse of poverty in our lives. I loved how Roberta’s story allowed us to meet her prior to her massive success, showing us that all things are possible with God. That He knows our end at our beginning and what and who we are to be, if we trust him manifestation will occur.”

– Cynthia Harrison

Powerful!!!  Captivating and inspiring!!! A must read!!!”

– Amazon Customer

Hope exemplified!…This is a book that will transform the world!”

– Leshonda Campfield

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