The word Mindset, in many different forms (i.e. wealth mindset, scarcity mindset) has been trending online for a while now.  We asked Dr. Roberta Hoskie AKA Ms. Millionaire Mindset, what defines the “Ms. Millionaire Mindset”?

Here is her response:

“The definition of the ‘Ms. Millionaire Mindset” is the established attitude of faith held by women that there is an abundance of wealth in all areas life; health, family, mental, spiritual, and financial; and showing gratitude for them all. The understanding that wealth is given by a higher power. It is the opposite of the poverty mindset.”

“Dr. Roberta Hoskie goes on to say “You see life has its ebbs and flows, and let’s face it – many of us, including myself, have had to overcome some really serious struggles.  There are certain challenges that go along with being a black women in particular.  But those of us who have adopted, what I have coined the “Ms. Millionaire Mindset” understand that everything, the ups and down are all working toward our good.”

Dr. Roberta Hoskie is a Real Estate Mogul and the founder of the Ms. Millionaire Mindset Sisterhood. To learn more about the Ms. Millionaire Mindset Sisterhood visit

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