Coach Hood, a Philly Native, is using his passion for basketball and North Philadelphian grit to make a serious, positive, impact with the youth in Arizona.  Coach Hood was once considered high-level talent as a high school basketball player in Philly, who was not only friends but teammates with the Legendary Kobe Bryant. He attributes a negative attitude in deferring his dream of becoming an NBA player. Coach Hood later played professional basketball abroad, as well as, helped mentor several players on their journey to the NBA and helped place numerous college athletes with professional teams overseas.

Here is Coach Hood with the late, great, Kobe Bryant. The two were best friends, and team mates in High School.

Today Coach Hood is not only a celebrated high School Coach but he is also the founder and head Coach of Team Rondae Hollis-Jefferson,  a AAU BASKETBALL CLUB based in the SOUTH PHOENIX COMMUNITY! He uses the life lessons he’s learned and his experiences to inspire and mentor his players.

The success of this basketball club is taking Arizona by storm! To date, it is the only program in AZ on the Prep Hoops Premier 32 Circuit- providing maximum exposure for local youths! Team Rondae Hollis-Jefferson Baskett Ball Club is also a flagship program of the Jr. NBA.

When asked about his success, coach hood simply states “Be Who You Needed When You Were Younger!”

Coach Hood goes on to say “As a Coach, it is my job to make sure the team wins on and off the court, in all areas of their lives.  Let’s face it, many of my players will not go to the NBA, but It is my goal that as many as possible at least go on to college and get an education. That’s why I’m happy to be on the Prep Hoops Premier 32 circuit, it will give my players a chance to be seen by top tier college coaches and increase their chances of not only going to college, but possibly receiving the much needed financial assistance required to pursue a higher education.”

 Listed below are just a couple of articles published about this North Philadelphian Native who has turned his passion into his legacy.

Erik Hood impacting lives of youth basketball players

TeamRHJ hoping to get Tucson’s best basketball players to stay in town


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