The Bachelor’s Matt James Decision Examined

Matt James – Silly Rabbit, Tricks are for Kids!!

Let’s jump right into it. On the after show of the Bachelor it is revealed that Matt James and Rachel KirkConnell  are no longer together. Matt says he broke up with her because she “ …..did not understand his blackness”!  huh, mic drop!!

Matt, clearly bro, you don’t fully understand your “blackness”. How is it than in 2021 the first black man that goes on the bachelor, choose a woman who has proven to be racially insensitive, Over 2 beautiful black women.

 For those of you who are not aware, Rachel KirkConnel, the woman that Matt James chose to be his partner,   has pics of her  that surfaced at an antebellum Southern-themed party on social media. There were also allegations that she bullied some of her high school friends for dating black guys.

Well James clearly you don’t understand the impact that your choice had on black women and little black girls. Bro, you are on television, do you understand the powerful influence that the media has on all of us? But once again black women were made to feel devalued by a black man.  This is why you have black women with long blond hair and blue contact lenses, trying to be what they feel is attractive to black men.  Here was your chance to show love to the most disrespected women on the earth.  But you dropped the ball; And don’t tell me about your mission to find true love, you slept with three different women in three days. Matt, that is not what love looks like. Those women told you they had fallen in love with you, and you toyed with their emotions! In the end, you couldn’t even put a ring on it’!! Ef outta here!!! ……..Matt James, ……..silly rabbit, tricks are for kids!!!!

I want to say kudos to The Bachelorette for examining there racially insensitive history and doing what Matt  James couldn’t, by choosing a Michelle Young, a black woman,  to be the star of the shows 18th season!! I will be watching that show!!! Michelle Young is the runner-up in James Matt season of the bachelor.


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2 thoughts on “The Bachelor’s Matt James Decision Examined

  1. I am so glad to see you did an article on this. This was the first time I watched the bachelor because it was a black man on. I was highly disappointed in him at the end of the show. As you said, he dropped the ball.

    1. Thank you for commenting. Yes, he did drop the ball!! Can you believe the first black male on the bachelor, picked the only women that wasn’t black out of the finalist, what kind of crap is that? However, on the other hand, I was thinking, what if he had chosen a black woman, and did not put a ring on it, that what have equally been very disappointing as well. I really feel bad for Matt, I know he is getting crazy back lash from all sides, but maybe it is the wake up call that he needed. A teachable moment for everyone, including myself.

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