Pedophiles in Hollywood YOUR TIME IS UP!! #JUSTICEFORRAZB

I’m so proud of Raz B for continuing to tell his truth about being molested. The men who he says raped him continue to make money in the industry!! Well, their days are numbered- TIME UP!!! If we demand justice for women who have been sexually violated, then we must do the same for our men!!

When another black male sexually assaults a black male, the shame is so devastating many victims never say anything. They will go to their graves, keeping the secret and consequently protecting the predator, which gives the predator a chance to continue hurting others. I believe that many young black men who are violated this way become gang bangers and killers. We wonder why it is so easy for a black man to kill another black man; I believe that some of them see the person who defiled them, and in others, they see the men that did not protect them – And as we all know, Hurt People – Hurt People!!!

No longer will we continue to re-victimize the victims, no longer will we allow sexual predators to hide behind the veil of the victim’s shame. What goes on in the dark always comes into the Light!!!


I want to say, Thank you to Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlock for giving RAZ B a platform to be free to tell his truth and encouraging him to stop protecting his rapists so that he can help other victims. When victims of such crimes feel comfortable telling their truth, I believe that these types of crimes will happen less often and that the victims of these crimes will get justice and get the help they need to heal.

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