The Rise of Comedian Malcolm Hill!!

The pandemic has proven to be difficult for many in the entertainment business — especially comedians who make their living performing live. As the old saying goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Well, that’s just what Philly’s Comedian Malcolm Hill did. When many people lost their jobs and the world shut down, Comedian Malcolm Hill created two Live Online shows ‘ The Hill-Arious Show & The Conversation!!!


The Hill-Arious show is co-hosted by Philly natives Nate, Ogbonna Hagins of the Legendary Philly Word Magazine, and producer Ron G. The show airs every Thursday at 7 pm EST. on FB Live @MalcolmHill. The Hill-Arious show not only gave Comedian Malcolm Hill a platform to keep in touch with his audience during the shutdown, but it also gave his fellow comedians nationwide a platform and voice to share how they were making out during the Covid-19 crisis. Whereas ‘The Hill-Arious Show’ gives a voice to comedians. The ‘The Conversation,’ which airs on Instagram Live Tuesdays at 7 pm EST, co-hosted by ParadigmShift’s in-house journalist, Kyle Mciver – gives a voice to the people. The show tackles personal and trending topics that affect everyone. The audience is encouraged to join in and be a part of the discussions in real-time.

As the world starts to open up again, we begin to see more events take place, and Comedian Malcolm Hill’s newfound celebrity is soaring. His schedule is, as they say in show biz, “booked solid!!” Along with the shows he does online twice a week, he hosts two weekly Karaoke shows in Philly and has been performing live at different comedy show events. Owing everything to the hustle, Malcolm’s hard work and perseverance are starting to pay off!! He announced this week on ‘The Conversation’ that he will be performing at the MET Philadelphia!!! “This is a big deal,” Malcolm says.

Malcolm has truly put in the hard work to elevate his career. Fortunately for us, we have an opportunity to see the results…LIVE!!

Here at, we are super proud of Comedian Malcolm Hill and have followed his elevation for years. Be sure to get your MET Philadelphia Ticket Today and witness the Rise of the Next Big Comedian coming out of Philly – Comedian Malcolm Hill!!


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