Meet Tamika Nicole Ryant, DA POET – Philly Style!!

Tamika Ryant is a slam poet/spoken word artist, turned author who lives in the heart of South Philly. She began her career at the legendary Laff House – Philly, opening up for Comedians greats like  Buck Wild, Spank, and Turae. She has also opened up for the ultra-talented, super funny B-Phlat!   Tamika spits from the heart, she reveals the rawness found in unapologetic emotion, the beauty in self-reflection and the true, transmutable energy of unfiltered expression. Her poems will engage, encourage and possibly even motivate your audience to agree out loud!!

Tamika has recently partnered with the Pray4Philly initiative that launches June 1st, 2021. The goal of the Pray4Philly initiative is to bring the community together in unification to work towards decreasing gun violence in the city of Philadelphia! Tamika will use her lyrical talents to speak the passion of the people as it relates to their pain, hurt, and need for healing – for hope.

Ms. Ryant has recently authored her first poetry book entitled, Poetry about Life, Love, & Other Shit. Her first-ever poetry book is a down-to-earth, personal journey through life’s pain and pleasures in a tell-it-like-it-is voice. The book transports readers on a journey through a range of emotions and is divided into three specific chapters: Love, Life and Other Shit, each with the ability to touch, amuse and entertain on various topics. Inside you will find something for everyone.

You heard it here first Beloveds, Tamika Ryant, like the Philly talents before her is destined for greatness. Click here to purchase her book, and experience her for yourself: Poetry About Life Love & Other Shit.

For bookings text Shine Lite at 215-260-9667.

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