Random thoughts after watching JEEN-YUHS on NETFLIX

@Kanyewest mom Donda was truly an angel and a light, it’s clear that when she passed the world went dark for Kanye and he has been trying to navigate that darkness ever since.  When he started doing gospel I believe that he was trying to get back to the light.

@Kanyewest, please keep your eyes on Jesus Christ, he is truly our only salvation.  Mark 8 3:6 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

I believe that Donda is thanking  Coodie Simmons right now.  She knew his heart, and love for God, and that is the type of people she wanted around her son to protect him and keep him grounded. I believe that Coodie Simmons has just saved @Kanyewest life with this movie.  That’s how God uses our gifts. Thank you Coodie, this film is a light in the midst of all of Kanye’s darkness.  An angel in heaven is trying to reach you @Kanyewest, listen.

@Kanyewest says he is not a slave, but that’s not true, because it is clear that he is a slave to his ego.

I did not see Dame Dash Curse anyone out in this film, I thought he actually showed real brotherly love to @Kanyewest.

I love how the community love of Chi-town is featured all over this film.  The world would have you believe that the Chi is only about black-on-black murder, but clearly, it is not. Thanks, Coodie for allowing us to see the Chi from your lens.

@mostdef, @Pharrell, and @Jamiefox are really beautiful kind spirits. They truly are their brother’s keepers.

@Kanyewest God loves you and so do we. Get back the light, and be the beautiful man/leader your mom raised you to be. We are here waiting, ready to cheer you on.

Everyone should watch this movie, there is a lesson in it for all of us. Thank you, Coodie Simmons and Chike Ozah. And thank you @Kanyewest for allowing your journey to be televised. Like your mom, you are a teacher. And like your mom, we know the love you have for your people. And like family who may not always get along, we were always rooting for you…..get back to that place @Kanyewest!! We love you.


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