Fundraiser: A safe home for Robert!


I go by the name of ShineLite, and every day ( well, almost every day; we took a week off at the beginning of the year 😉 ) since June 1, 2021, I’ve hosted the Breakthru Morning Prayer Line; the call started as Pray4Philly as it was created in response to the rise of Gun violence in the City of Philadelphia last year. The call was only supposed to last for 93 days, and in that 93 days, the number of homicides committed by guns did go down, it did not stop, but the numbers did go down. However, in that 93 days, there was a real family created on this line. I was shocked to see how many people showed up every single day and to learn how much people were dealing with on a daily basis. At the end of the 93 days, people gave several testimonies about how the line could not stop because it was helping them and how some people even had Breakthroughs since they were coming to the line every day. I Know firsthand, what they meant because my journey with God has become closer since I started the line, it has been eye-opening and nothing short of amazing, I stand in gratitude for God putting it on my heart to start this line; I believe it has truly saved my life. But I digress, because so many people were having breakthroughs on the line, we decided to change the name to THEBREAKTHRU! Today we come on every day at 8 am EST, no days off. Anyone can join simply by calling 518-318-5830. To stay connected 24 hours, seven days a week, we have created a virtual community on Listen, The devil is working overtime, and so are our prayers!!! The line is public and open to everyone worldwide, and I do mean everyone!!! We are living in some crazy times, we all need comfort, support, encouragement, and most importantly, we all need God!!! And what we have learned, on THEBREAKTHU MORNING PRAYER CALL since June 1, 2021, that there is truly power in PRAYING TOGETHER, IN AGREEMENT, IN UNITY, as ONE!  


I said all that to give some background on the Breakthru call and, of course, to invite you to join us ;-).

 So on Tuesday, March 15, a regular caller who goes by the name of NE NE came to the call to pray for her client who was stabbed in Philly at his place of work that is near to his home. Her client is legally blind and has an intellectual disability. She expressed her frustration about how the case was being handled and feared for her client’s safety because it was advised to her by the police that he not go back home because it may not be safe for her client. At the time of the call, her client was staying with her and her family. 

Robert, who is her client, is able to pay a monthly rent; however, he does not have enough money to put down on a new place, a safer place. That is why we are here. I know times are hard for all of us, so I thought I would start this fundraiser to give everyone an opportunity to do as sister NE NE is doing and give the gift of love simply by giving a little, that I know will add up to a lot, at least enough to cover the down payment for a new and safer home for Robert. He only needs $1300.00; he already has 1/3rd of the down payment. Honestly, I’m hoping to raise more, so that we can also bless sister NE NE for her caring a loving heart. I mean, how many people will open their homes up as she did, it will be a blessing to reward her as well.

I’ve added the recording of that call below so that you can hear what I heard that led me here to create this fundraiser.  

After the prayer, we open up the line to allow callers to share; we call it the sharing/healing circle; we learned from one of our original prayer leaders Dr. Fatima Hafiz of, that when we reveal, we heal. So at the end of every call, we open up the line to allow the callers that want to, to share. Sometimes I call on them, as I did in this call, and that is how we learned of Robert and his need for a safe home.


Dr. Roberta Hoskie, author of ‘Poverty curse broken – The Roberta Hoskie Story,’ has agreed to give 50% of all profits made on her book between 3/17/22 to 3/31/22 to Robert. The book costs $20.00 and there is a $3.00 shipping fee. Click the link below to purchase the book now!! After buying the book, please forward your receipt to for proof of purchase.

And what would a fundraiser be without a gofundme account!!! Click the link below to give via go fund me. Our goal is to raise a minimum of $1300.00 before the end of the month. Be sure to join us on the Breakthru on the 3-31-22 to celebrate raising enough money for Robert to pay his down payment, I am confident we will have enough money by that time. How can I be so sure, because I’ve already prayed about it!!!

Please share this fundraiser with everyone you know, with all of your email contacts and on all of your social media sites!!! No amount is too small; that is the power of unity!!! Thank you in advance for giving, God Bless!!!!

P.S: Be sure to join us every morning at 8am!!!

 Start your morning in fellowship with God & Family!! 

Dial DIAL: 518-318-5830 

Everyday at 8am Est

If you have problems dialing the main number, follow the directions below:

1. Dial backup number 206-451-60 72

2. You will now be prompted to dial 518-318-5830

Also join us online at

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