At the New Haven, CT private screening of Malik Yoba’s Real Estate docuseries  I BUILD NY – THE REAL ESTATE MIX TAPE  Mr. Yoba, in an impromptu move, initiated the birth of the MR. MILLIONAIRE MINDSET BROTHERHOOD!

Real Estate Mogul and founder of the MS. MILLIONAIRE MINDSET SISTERHOOD, Dr. Roberta Hoskie is featured in the docuseries.

During the Q & A held after the viewing, A woman stood up in tears and stated how empowering the MS. MILLIONAIRE MINDSET SISTERHOOD movement was, but wanted to know What was going to be done for the young men of New Haven, CT? Dr. Roberta responded that there have been conversations about starting a Brotherhood chapter and it was something that would happen in the future…….. Malik Yoba chimed in stating “I’m getting a download”, then asked all the men in the audience to stand up, and invited them on the stage.  Take a look at the video below to see what happened next: trust me it was a magical, powerful, moment and very much needed today when many of our black youth are in desperate need of mentorship and options.   

Malik Yoba is a world Renown Actor who 1st came on the scene with NY Under Cover and has been in countless movies such as Tyler Perry’s “Why did I get Married” I & II, and classic ’90s film “Cool Runnings,”.

He now has a new docuseries, I BUILD NY – THE REAL ESTATE MIX TAPE which he filmed with the Intent to bring about awareness and illumination to the power of Real Estate and how it can close the wealth gap and create generational wealth.

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Jimmy Sol is a recording artist, Founder of Cause51 – an artist crowdfunding platform,  Minister and Prayer Leader of the BreakThru Online Community!! Click here to listen to music by Jimmy Sol and to connect with the Breakthru Online Community: The BreakThru

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Click here to Read Dr. Roberta’s Memoir POVERTY CURSE BROKEN – THE ROBERTA HOSKIE STORY!


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