Dr. Roberta Hoskie and Her Daughter Launch 1,000 Black Families Homeownership Movement Targeting Generational Wealth

From the Projects… to Becoming a Wealthy Real Estate Investor — New Book “Poverty Curse Broken” Explains It All

Nationwide — “Nothing is Impossible.” That is what Dr. Roberta Hoskie wants everyone to understand. This isn’t just a commonly spoken platitude, but a mantra – a way of thinking that she wants those reading her book, Poverty Curse Broken: The Roberta Hoskie Story, to adopt and apply to their life. “If my story can help inspire and have someone believe IT is possible, whatever IT is, then, to me, that’s fulfilling,” she explained from her car parked in front of the gym. Dr. Hoskie’s revelatory first publication seeks to show readers how anyone can rise above circumstances to achieve greatness.

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