Black Parade – Queens recognize Queens

On Juneteenth The Queen, Beyoncé, dropped the single “Black Parade”. Juneteenth which is celebrated annually on June 19th, is the holiday that commemorates the emancipation of those who had been enslaved in the United States. How appropriate is it that Juneteenth would be recognized & celebrated now, at a time when A NEW AMERICA ISContinue reading “Black Parade – Queens recognize Queens”

Solange reacts with aggression after Jay Z grabs her arm.

A lot of people are quick to attack Solange, calling her crazy and irrational because of the recently leaked video, showing Jay Z getting apparently a well-deserved ass whooping. If everyone takes the time to really look at the video, it’s clear that Jaz Z grabbed Solange first and she simply snapped. I’m sure alcoholContinue reading “Solange reacts with aggression after Jay Z grabs her arm.”